We are living in a dangerous spiritual atmosphere in this hour. Divisions have become toxic and have adversely affected the church, family, and our nation. The fundamental cause is a plethora of False Narratives that have become relentless in influencing all levels of our society.

The destructive success of these False Narratives are fueled by the reticence and failure of the Christian community to oppose these False Narratives. Whatever is false is a lie and we must recognize that lies originate from the father of lies – Satan. Simply put, the only solution lies in the application of truth, is to destroy the lies contained in the False Narratives.

The need is greater now than ever before for Awakening The Voice Of Truth to destroy False Narratives. This will eliminate the division that is so rampant. Pastors, Messianics Rabbis, Christian University Presidents, ParaChurch Leaders and Spiritual Influencers must all understand their role in this spiritual battle. We must address BLM, CRT, Transgender Insanity, Racism, Anti-Semitism, LGBTQ, Abortion, Same Sex Marriage, and other False Narratives that are destroying our society spiritually, physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Awakening The Voice Of Truth Ministry is designed to equip, encourage, motivate, and embolden Pastors and Leaders to address these False Narratives with the Voice of Truth which is The Word of God. We have had 2 successful Pastors’ and Leaders’ events designed to catalytically educate and pierce the heart of Pastors and Leaders by motivating them to not only address this problem, but also influence other Pastors and Leaders to join in this effort to boldly oppose these destructive narratives.

We must replicate the success we’ve had in two (2) previous events. We have launched a ten-city plan beginning in Nashville, TN in October of this year. I recently learned that seventy (70%) of GenZ (ages 17-24) are convinced that they determine their own gender. This False Narrative is devastating to the GenZ individuals. The False Narrative about gender is found everywhere. How can they not be influenced?

I am asking you to join me in this effort by donating to ATVOT to equip pastors and community leaders. We are doing an initial raise of $500,000 to cover the costs of the next 10 events. Generous donors have covered the costs of our first two events which is where we developed the funding need. The return on your investment will result in the unity of the church as it seeks repentance leading to salvation for those who do not know Christ as sin is exposed. Who knows, God may yet give us another chance even here in the United States for what we have condoned. I pray this is so.

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